Monday, 25 November 2013

A weekend in Aireys

We took a drive down the coast this weekend past, to Aireys Inlet. We try and go away for the weekend every couple of months. Theres something about getting out of the city that makes you feel super relaxed and rejuvenated. Our visits are are always filled with walks and drives to neighbouring towns to discover cute cafes and shops and the occasional farmers market if we are lucky enough to be there on a weekend its on. 
This weekend however we were not as weather fortunate as I would have hoped. It started raining, no actually pouring, Saturday and did not stop till Sunday morning. There is something beautiful about the rain though. I love hearing it while I'm reading (and sleeping) which is exactly what we did all afternoon. Since it kept raining into the wee hours of the morning, post reading, was a perfect excuse to stay in and drink red wine. 
Sunday was a better. Especially because we had a little cockatoo friend come visit after breakfast. He stayed for a while too and was being all cute and posed for me a few times. 
Sigh.. I want more weekends away....  

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  1. These look like our Vancouver skies right now : )