Monday, 20 January 2014

pot of succulents

I have a wee crush on succulents. They are such beautiful things, I love the different shapes and coulours. But most of all I love the fact that I cant kill them! They are resilient little buggers.
Given their various forms, I love mixing varieties together. I feel like I'm creating my own little mini world. Imagine we only had succulents growing instead of regular plants. Oh what a world it would be!

I have found them in various places all over town, growing on the side of the road. I pick em :) 
It's not vandalism if you re-pot them right? 
Just a few tips for potting succulent cuttings. 
1. Leave the cuttings sitting out for a few days. This is so the ends dry up a little bit so they don't suck in too much water. Succulents thrive in a fairly dry environment. 
2. Use a mix of soil and sand. This allows drainage since succulents should not be in very damp soil. 
3. Let the potting mix dry completely before watering again.
Happy propagating everyone! 

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  1. Mom found this idea on Pinterest - apparently, you can grow tulip bulbs in long glasses and she won't stop talking about it. Sadly, we missed the window to plant so she must wait!