About Me

I have never quite been able to make up my mind about what the one thing I the love most is; within many aspects of my life. For example most people have a top 5 favourite song list. My top 5 is actually more like 25. Same goes for things I like doing, I equally love cooking, gardening, sewing, knitting, making jewellery and creating in general - thats how One in each colour was born, as a result of my indecisiveness on what I like doing the most. 

I love discovering new cafes and quaint towns or coming across an amazing find at an op shop (2nd hand shop). I like making old things new and see a quiet romanticism in a time gone past. I love dresses and linens. I am an avid traveller and love bringing home unique finds from my travels. I go weak in the knees for wine and cheese. I love a boy and this lovely city I call home.

 This blog will serve as a place to collect snippets from my everyday life and hopefully to motivate me to continue to be creative and find beauty in the little aspects of day to day living.